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Life Coaching

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Waco, TX

One thing that is certain about life is that it is uncertain. We are constantly changing. Some suggest that we may change our careers or our life path several times throughout adulthood. Life altering events such as a divorce, the death of a close friend or family member, the loss of a job, or a catastrophic event may initiate such a change. Or maybe you find that you are unsatisfied with the trajectory of your current situation, and you desire to re-invent your life. Whatever motivates you to change, you may feel stuck and need someone to help get you going in the direction you want.

The ABC's of Life Coaching

Achieve Agency to Overcome Obstacles
Become Your Best and Realize Success 
Create Motivation and Will Power to Move Forward in Life

Resources for Life Coaching

Book Recommendations, Blogs, Podcasts curated by Dr. Baier
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