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Couples Therapy


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Waco, TX

At some point we may all find ourselves feeling lost and in need of guidance through the rough spots on our life’s journey. Your journey may be one that is shared with another, or you may be travelling alone. Everything seems to be going well, and then you discover something has interrupted your ability to continue without help.

I bring over 25 years of experience working to help individuals, couples and families from myriad backgrounds develop interpersonal skills and build stronger relationships. I can help you identify the problems and create solutions that will get you back on a path which will allow you to enjoy your journey again.

The ABC's of Couples Therapy

Advocate for the relationship
Better Understand Yourself and Your Partner
Choose to establish and maintain satisfying and healthy relationships

What Clients Say

"2010 was a tough year on our marriage. Seems like we spent more time arguing and finding ways not to get along than anything else. It finally led to us getting divorced late that year. Shortly after we were divorced, we both realized that we were unhappy apart. We agreed that we needed help, which lead to an internet search, which lead us to Margaret. Margaret made us feel comfortable from our very first meeting which allowed the both of us to speak freely and to take a hard look at ourselves and see that we were doing things that we couldn't see before, that hurt our marriage.
At first, we met weekly, we actually looked forward to it. To make a long story short, because of the help we received from Margaret, our relationship mended, and we remarried in 2011. Is everything perfect---nope, but Margaret helped us see that it doesn't need to be, probably won't be, but we're happy. We know if we ever need to talk to someone in the future, we have Margaret!!! Thanks Margaret!!!!!"

Resources for Couples

Book Recommendations, Blogs, Podcasts curated by Dr. Baier
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